Psychotherapy in Brzeg (English)

My name is Blanka Drozd-Demska. I am a pedagogue and a psychotherapist, I have graduated from Silesian University and four year Integrative Psychotherapy Postgraduate Studies in Wrocław. I have been running a private office. I work integratively with adult individuals, couples and partners in monogamous or non-monogamous relationships.

Being a member (since 2016) of Wielkopolski Association of Systemic Therapy (WTTS) I use systemic approach in my work. I have been preparing to obtain Systemic Advisor and Psychotherapist Certificate. As a member of Polish EMDR Society (since 2017) I have qualifications to conduct EMDR therapy recommended by WHO.

During Psychotraumatology Course – Practical and Advanced (2017-2021) organised by  Pomorskie Centrum Psychotraumatologii Fundation I acquired professional knowledge and skills to treat people with psychological traumas.

I finished a course in Psychotherapy of Sexual Disorders (2021-2024) organised by „Na Szlaku” Fundation in Kraków that is why I work with people with sexual problems like sexual dysfunctions.

I have been recommended by KPH Society. I have been cooperating with RegenerAkcja Fundation and Tęczowe Opole Association conducting psychotherapy of non-heteronormative people.

I work with neurotypical and neurodivergent adults at different age, regardless of their origin, identity or beliefs who are experiencing relationship problems, who are after break up, infidelity (separation, divorce), work problems (burnout, mobbing) or different losses – abortions, miscarriages or child’s death. I help people who are to make difficult life choices, having sleep problems, fears, depression, who experience a very strong internal critic, who live under stress, facing (c) PTSD, results of childchood traumas (sexual harassment, violence, negligence), who describe themselves as Adult Children of Dysfuncional Families or Adult Children of Alcoholics.


In sexological area I work with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), erectile dysfuncion (ED), premature or delayed ejaculation, somatoform pain disorders (vaginismus, dyspareunia). During sessions with pairs in this area I also use psychosexual trainings methods.


I have been under constant individual and group supervision.

I work in my two offices in Brzeg and Wrocław as well as online (Skype, Messenger) in Polish and English.

Introduction to working with every person who calls or writes to me is consultation that is a meeting during which I ask what the problem is. Then together we set goals of our work and the length of therapy which will be needed to the change happen. I accompany, ask questions and look with my Client at his/her relationships from their past and present, exploring his/her functioning and dealing with difficulties and changes that are possible in this area.

You can contact me by phone + 48 500 262 370 or send an e-mail:


Consultation – 120 zł
Individual session – 120 zł
Couple session – 160 zł


ul. Plac Kościelny 2/10,
49-300 Brzeg

Fridays – Wrocław
Plac Kościuszki 4/1