Psychotherapy in English

My name is Blanka Drozd-Demska. I have graduated from Silesian University Pedagogy and Psychology Faculty.
I have finished Psychotherapy Postgraduate Studies at Papieski Wydział Teologiczny in Wrocław. I have participated in over 1200 hours of lectures, training seminars, workshops, trainings and supervisions.

In November 2016 I finished Basic Course of Systemic Therapy for individuals and families. It consisted of 140 hours.
In September 2017 I finished EMDR basic training level in Kraków. It is a method which gives tools to help people with fear based problems. It is recommended in case of difficulties coming from traumatic events like violence, sexual abuse, accidents or natural disasters. EMDR integrates elements of standard therapeutic techniques with external stimulus in form of bilateral stimulation which induces brain on neurophysiological level to more adaptational information processing. EMDR is one of two methods officially recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) to treat posttraumatic disorder (PTSD) for children, teenagers and adults during individual as well as group therapy.

In December 2018 I finished basic training of Practical Psychotraumatology in Warszawa. It consisted of 154 hours.

I work using an integrative approach to a client. I employ elements from humanistic, cognitive behavior, psychodynamic and systemic therapies. Working with a client I take into consideration such dimensions of human functioning as free will and ability to distinguish psychological experiences from spiritual ones. Change as a main goal of psychotherapy, is to consolidate a person as a whole and to integrate healing and developing processes with spirituality.

Working with people of different creeds, religious views as well as sexual preference, I do not impose philosophy of life. Working with LGBT+ clients I conduct an affirmative therapy. I do not accept a reparative therapy.
I also conduct Skype sessions.

I have been under constant individual and group supervision.

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