Psychotherapy in English

My name is Blanka Drozd-Demska. I am a pedagogue and a psychotherapist, I have graduated from Silesian University and four year Integrative Psychotherapy Postgraduate Studies in Wrocław. I have been working as a psychotherapist in a private office since 2015. I work with individuals, couples and partners.

I work with clients:

  • during separation or divorce,
  • after different losses (close person’s death, parting or divorce, etc.),
  • after traumatic experiences (sexual harassment, abortion, rape, negligence during childchood, violence),
  • experiencing chronic stress,
  • being in depression,
  • experiencing fears,
  • looking for a goal in life and/or struggling with difficult life decisions and a question about who they are,
  • codependent,
  • from LGBTQ+ community and with their relatives and friends

I also work with couples and partners:

  • who have communication problems,
  • who are in a crisis,
  • who are in mourning for a child loss.

Working with Clients I use systemic and narrative approach , EMDR therapy, affirmative and psychoanalytic approach. Developing professionally I broaden my understanding and view of the person who comes to me. I support and help in discovering Client’s own resources as well as accompany him/her in finding the way to solutions meeting Client’s needs.

I also conduct Skype sessions.

I have been under constant individual and group supervision.

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